Please Donate to the Sikh Coalition

My first startup was not Appirio, but the Sikh Coalition. I was a co-founder and remain on the board of directors.    For more than a decade this amazing organization and a team of people that have given up more lucrative careers in order to make a difference.  The impact of that was felt during the aftermath of the tragic killings at a Sikh gurdwara (house of worship) in Oak Creek by a Neo Nazi this summer.  Their work with the community, media and government was inspiring.  

In addition, the Coalition passed a law in California, introduced the fly rights app and impacted millions of people with their work this year.  Yet because of all this, and Hurricane Sandy (we are headquartered in New York) we got a very late start on fundraising this year.   So we need the help more than most.  visit the links below and learn more, and if you are moved, please donate to this great organization.

Learn more and Donate via my personal page